How can be Billing useful to you?

Transform time into money

You have created a lot of time records in the Time Tracking module. So far so good. Now the next logical step is to set the price for your time and convert your time into money. That’s what Billing is basically all about.

Single hourly rate or structured price list

You can start simply with a single price for one hour of your work. If you want to be more complex, you’ll appreciate the possibility of creating a structured price list with different prices for each employee, client, type of work and/or project.

You won’t forget to bill your time

prima:Time Billing gives you an easy overview of which time records have been billed and which haven’t, so you won’t have to worry about forgetting to bill your clients and loosing money. You will also quickly see the payment status of your bill.

Additional costs

In case you incur additional, not time-related costs, you can easily add these as manual items to the bill. Everything will be added together automatically and you’re ready to export, print or e-mail the complete bill to your client.


Time Money

Convert your time tracked in Time tracking to money in the Billing module.

Take advantage of the connection with Time Tracking and simply bill your working time. At every moment you know, how much time and money you should bill to your clients and the best part is, you can do it in the blink of an eye. Once the time records are billed, they are also locked and you can no longer edit them in Time Tracking.

Detailed price lists

Prepare a detailed pricelist for the billing of your tracked time.

Assign hourly rates quickly and flexibly according to your clients, projects, tasks, users, activities, or their combinations. You can also reprice individual or all of your time records from the Time Tracking app for a selected period of time or just set a new rate for the future.

Custom bills

Customize your bills.

Import time records from Time Tracking to your bills, edit and group them as needed and add extra costs such as transportation or material. You can also customize your bills by adding a logo and/or a signature and send the result to your client by e-mail as a PDF.

Overview of your bills

Have a clear overview of your billed and unbilled time and money.

Know clearly and precisely what you´ve already billed and what you still should. Easily view the bills of a specific customer or just the ones, which are not approved yet. See your efficiency at a glance with the billed/unbilled time comparison graph.

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