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Popular in many areas

The primaTime app is popular among law & tax firms, creative agencies, software houses or anyone who wants to track productivity. primaTime is being used in more than 100 countries and in more than 7 languages around the world.

Software companies

Marketing agencies

Consulting companies

Why choose the primaTime application

  • Fast and simple
    Create time records with just few clicks and master the application easily

  • Whenever, Wherever
    The cloud-based app is available on various devices everywhere

  • Tracking just for you
    Retrospectively? Live? In bulk?
    Choose what suits you the best

  • Detailed reports
    Get a clear overview of how you spent your time and detect time wasting

  • Don't lose a penny
    Set an hourly rate and create comprehensive bills from the tracked time

  • API Integration
    Reliably and securely integrates with other applications and systems

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About primaTime

We love to be productive and always want to get the most of our time. So come join us! 14 days for free, no credit card requirements. What are you waiting for?